MinIdent-Win continues to develop and expand. At the time of writing, it contains data for 6646 named and unnamed minerals as well as a further 350 mineral series, groups, families, etc. IMA-approved unnamed minerals alone now total 1556, while the synonym descriptions presently exceed 2800. It is based on a database of over 991,000 data items. MinIdent-Win runs under any version of Windows up to and including Windows 7®

Our latest database includes a new parameter: the rarity of a mineral species

Perhaps the biggest new addition to the program is the ability to display energy dispersive X-ray spectra of any mineral or composition by means of Buckley & Reed’s Virtual WDS software (which can be ordered through this website). Important other changes include a new, versatile facility for calculating best-fit formulae given the element concentrations for a mineral. There is also a new layout for the “Tree”—our mineral classification scheme. This is now available as a free download from this website (Microsoft Access format). Recently, the “Kretz” mineral symbols, used widely in petrology, meteoritics, etc., have been added to the display and the searchable parameters. Help files have been updated to reflect the developments that have taken place since the launch of MinIdent-Win in 2003.

Although a dedicated MAC® version of the program is not available, we are pleased to announce that MAC® owners report that MinIdent-Win runs very well on their platforms using either a Windows® partition or a windows® Virtual PC 7 system.

Micronex recently introduced a new option for purchasing the MinIdent-Win software–the “Academic Site License”, designed specifically for universities and colleges who want to make use of this software’s great potential in the area of teaching. These multi-platform licenses are dedicated to particular Departments (teaching units) and are offered at greatly reduced cost. Click here to see the price structure and other details.