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Thin Sections
From time to time Micronex is able to offer previously-used petrographic and/or polished thin sections for sale. Thin sections for petrographic work are cut to a nominal thickness of 30 microns. Many are accompanied by a concise statement concerning the minerals present and textures exhibited. Polished sections, depending on the nature of the rock or ore, may be somewhat thicker than 30 microns, and have a polished surface making them suitable for electron microprobe analysis. Where the polished section has already been used for analytical work it is likely to have been coated with a thin conducting film (usually of carbon). These conducting films modify the appearance of the minerals under the microscope—particularly in reflected light. Macroscopic images of the thin and polished sections will be provided whenever possible.

Micronex has available a wide range of previously-owned books, mainly of a scientific nature. Listings are arranged alphabetically by author. Note that, unfortunately, shipping costs for books are often substantial.

Micronex has available a range of previously-owned journals, magazines, conference proceedings and abstracts. Listings are arranged alphabetically by title. Please note that shipping costs for these items are often substantial.

From time to time Micronex is able to offer specimens of various minerals that may be of interest to collectors, or be useful for teaching purposes. Generally these are accompanied by locality information and, in many cases, by descriptive notes.

Occasionally, Micronex is able to offer previously-owned specimens of meteorites for sale. The export of Canadian meteorites is closely controlled and generally, therefore, any meteorites will be from non-Canadian locations and sources.

Micronex has available a selection of previously owned maps.