About Minident

MinIdent-Win, is a very powerful program that permits the identification of minerals on the basis of their chemical make up and physical properties. It has been designed by professionals for professionals, but because of its unique, simple-to-use format can be used as well by students, amateurs and beginners. MinIdent-Win aims to include all recognised, named mineral species. In addition to the ~6500 minerals included in the database for the Professional edition, MinIdent-Win contains information on more than twenty four MinIdent © for MS-DOS hundred discredited, archaic or varietal names complete with links, where appropriate, to accepted species names.

A large part of MinIdent-Win is based on real data for real specimens, not simply average values and ranges, like most programs for mineral identification. For example, the mean compositional values and ranges available within MinIdent-Win have been compiled from actual analyses published in the scientific literature; in some cases dozens of analyses may be involved. These data have been acquired and entered into the database over more than two decades.

One of the unique features of MinIdent-Win is that it can perform two distinct types of identification. The first, MinIdent-Win © for Windows which we have termed “MATCH”, determines what minerals in the database can match exactly the properties that the user enters. The second procedure (“IDENTIFY”) determines which minerals in the database have the best overall fit to the properties the user has entered. The fit is characterised by a “MATCHING INDEX” calculated by sophisticated, purpose-developed scoring algorithms that take into account both the ranges and distribution of the various property values in the records that are used to compile the database. We believe that no other mineral identification product available today, either privately or commercially, approaches the power of MinIdent-Win.

Finally, to make the software even more useful and attractive to collectors, mineral dealers and students, we have included about 600 high-resolution digital images of minerals that can all be displayed at full-screen size. In addition, we have integrated a user’s database with the program. This can be used to add an unlimited range of images (which will be accessible from within MinIdent-Win) and can contain an unrestricted amount of information on the user’s own specimens.

Mineral Master©

About Mineral Master©

An interactive CD-ROM-based learning package which uses ~760 high-resolution images of selected mineral specimens, crystal structures, thin sections, etc. These images are accompanied by individual descriptions and may be displayed together with general information about the mineral, its properties and occurrence. Users can select any image of any mineral and may also compare it with any other image which can be displayed simultaneously. Facilities for mineral identification are provided by an easy-to-use search/match package involving entry of observations into one or more of 29 fields, including many hand specimen properties. Testing modules allow users to evaluate their recognition skills using random image selection, and to test knowledge using a multiple choice question bank containing more than 2500 entries.

Mineral Master© System Requirements

  • 386 processor
  • 4 Megabytes of RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • SVGA Monitor
  • Graphics Card capable of displaying 256 colours at 640 x 480 pixel resolution *

* To take full advantage of the high resolution images, we recommend a Pentium with 16 Megabytes of RAM, a quad-speed (or better) CD-ROM, an SVGA monitor and a high-end graphics card – i.e., with 2 Megabytes of onboard RAM. We recommend a 21″ monitor or projection system for ideal classroom use.